Saturday, May 15, 2010

[006] a miracle.

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13 Boys - A Miracle.

The sun is welcoming me with rays of light And i just need one umbrella and it'll be fine.
Don't hide your tears from me, You can lean on my shoulder and cry out loud.

- Wonderboy

I just watched Attack of the Pin-up boys, it's a movie starring Super Junior. The story was funny as ever, Beautiful boys getting attacked by someone by throwing shit at them, I laughed at the whole movie, Donghae's acting impressed me, but after watching the movie, i felt sad because that time they were still complete, 13 members, even Kibum was still there, watching the movie made me miss the 13 boys together even though in the movie Kyuhyun and Leeteuk wasn't there because of the accident, but Leeteuk was in the music video of Wonderboy -- as the panda.

Here's the Music Video with English Subs, the Lyrics are so amazing:


I just received an update from SJ 4th Album Support that the Albums may arrive this week and that they might ship it the week later. The poster will be included, oh yeah. <3


Janel "GiLiNG" said...

Hehe. so darating na pala CD Mo? woohoo bilis naman?

ate jhel [x]

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