Sunday, June 6, 2010

[009] I feel Dreadful

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"I can't reach you, touch you, or hold you I'm going to meet you in my dreams again tonight"
-FAN by Epik High

Before I'll start blogging about what happened to me last week something came to my thoughts last night. Lately, I've been reading the word "SS3" on twitter and on facebook realizing that Super Junior's 3rd concert season is starting again and yes, Manila's again included on the list actually before announcing it to the public (via allkpop) i already know that they're coming back here on February 26, 2011. Usually, if you're a fan you would really want to go right? but due to financial crisis that I'm currently experiencing, (let's pretend that my parents will allow me to go) I've decided not to go even though I've still got time to save some money, it'll take about P 12, 000 for me to watch the concert, hell no, I'm going to spend that big amount of money just to see them? and yeah, the ticket that I'll be buying is general admission (which is fuck) anyway, but this got me from reconsidering of going to the concert:

Super Junior's leader, the angel without wings, Leeteuk and Super Junior's princess, youngest looking oldest, Heechul (lol sorry for the description) might be leaving for the army next year -- near end of the year 2011.

That is the reason why, there's this feeling that I really want to meet them in person, get a picture or have one of my CDs signed by them -- in other words I want to see them with my own eyeballs LIVE and BREATHING. If I have to describe what do I feel at this moment Eunhyuk's lines in Miinah are the exact words to define it
"O jinjja michilgeoya" or "I'll really go crazy." I really don't know what to do, I mean time's ticking, if I won't see them before Leeteuk and Heechul leaving, I'll have to wait for 6 years to see them complete, my brain's going to explode. :\

I feel jealous everytime I hear my fellow PinoyELFs that they'll be going to SS3 Manila, I feel like.... alam mo yun sinasaksak ka ng paulit ulit?, I already feel dreadful because I know that I can't go and like if they'll say "Naaa, go ka na kxe, promise it's fun!" I felt like, i was killed...again, double dead that's the word, AHHHHHHH. I really want to experience wearing a blue shirt, waving a blue lightstick and to scream like there's no tomorrow, I really want to see, hear and if possible TOUCH them live. I want it.

I wish after I sleep tonight I'll find the answer to my prayers, not necessarily the exact one but something that can make me calm down a bit, honestly thinking about this issue makes my eyes feel hot and it's something that I really hate, I hate crying because of a fandom, it's a mortal sin for me because it just makes me feel helpless, weak and stupid and i hate being helpless, really.

I'll just sleep tonight, because in my dream, impossible things happen, I can make myself appear in the concert, honestly dreams are just a sweet escape from this harsh world.

PAKENG SYET kasi, bakit pa ako nalulong sa drogang to, gago kayo super junior. :D


Saturday, May 29, 2010

[008] Tell me your wish.





be back L8tr.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[007] Super Junior.

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Am i willing to wait for about 6 years for a Super Junior album with 12 members on it?

*Coughs* Yes, 12 members, not 13, I'm not counting Hankyung in, it hurts making myself believe for nothing but still i hope that, that day will come, Super Junior themselves too, said that they still believe that he'll comeback, but who are we joking? He's already starting his solo career in China and that is the reason why I've been staring at Chinese Channels particularly CCTV at the cable hoping that his face will show up.

Were you really sad at that time Hankyung? -___-

Something's bothering me, Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk said that they really didn't know that Hankyung was having a hard time, I can understand them, I mean every variety shows that Hankyung attended, He was smiling, he was having fun, he was happy, all the time, everyone thought that he was fine, but he wasn't, I wish Hankyung was open about how he felt that time and solved it and maybe he's still here with Super Junior. I miss his Korean accent and his beijing fried rice - I miss it, and I'll miss it.

It hurts to think that the foreigner who they considered as a family has left, and might never comeback, and the Asia's Largest boy group are now down to 10 -- Who would have ever thought that this will ever happen to Super Junior. During Super Junior's recent fan meeting, Kang-in showed up, he said that he'll be back and we ELFs should wait for him, everything that time was depressing, i wanted to cry but my eyes won't let me.

Recently, Shindong caught my eye, damn it, he's really something isn't he? I really don't know what to say, I want to curse him but I can't, I don't have the right to do that, I mean I'm just a fan, but yeah, Super Junior is not going to be where they are right now without us - the fans, I mean did he ever consider the fans' feelings about the matter? And I feel bad for the girl, All of us elfs had our eyes on her, and like she must be really be pressured about what her boyfriend did, but i wish she'll accept the proposal, and that she must be really careful about the things that she'll do, she MUST make Our Shindong happy, I just felt like, I'm Shindong's mother, because he's a really good man, and I want him to be married of to a girl who's really perfect for him. But I'm still half-hearted about this issue. It'll take time before this issue will sink onto me. Please pray for me and for the couple.

I know, Maybe, you'll think after reading my entry is like.. "WTF?! All she cared is Super Junior, She's such a geek, obsessed", Whatever, I mean, yes, for a Fangirl, fangirling is something that is normal, we learned to love our idols as much as we can, you might not understand US, but yes, we do this because it is what we make us happy, seeing our so called Idols make our day complete. I wish you'll respect us, because we are still humans.

Tomorrow will be my Mom's 50th birthday and i'll have my Psychological exam which is whole day, I wish that tomorrow will be a good day..

And yes, my answer to the question above, That is, Maybe.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

[006] a miracle.

Super Junior Pictures, Images and Photos

13 Boys - A Miracle.

The sun is welcoming me with rays of light And i just need one umbrella and it'll be fine.
Don't hide your tears from me, You can lean on my shoulder and cry out loud.

- Wonderboy

I just watched Attack of the Pin-up boys, it's a movie starring Super Junior. The story was funny as ever, Beautiful boys getting attacked by someone by throwing shit at them, I laughed at the whole movie, Donghae's acting impressed me, but after watching the movie, i felt sad because that time they were still complete, 13 members, even Kibum was still there, watching the movie made me miss the 13 boys together even though in the movie Kyuhyun and Leeteuk wasn't there because of the accident, but Leeteuk was in the music video of Wonderboy -- as the panda.

Here's the Music Video with English Subs, the Lyrics are so amazing:


I just received an update from SJ 4th Album Support that the Albums may arrive this week and that they might ship it the week later. The poster will be included, oh yeah. <3

Thursday, May 13, 2010

[005] Marriage?

No, I'm not getting married.

I was about to write about something good when I saw the news, Super Junior's Shindong proposes to his girlfriend. I know, as an Ever Lasting Friend i know i should say, "yaaay, congrats! I'm soo happy for Shindong." Yes, I am happy, very, i really don't know if the proposal was real or not, Anyway, Knowing Shindong has girlfriend makes my heart feel weary, i mean because if the company permits him to get married, how about the others? Omg, they're not Juniors anymore, funny as it is, yes, I DON'T LIKE EUNHYUK TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, UNLESS IT'S ME (OF COURSE).

Haha, i have nothing to say more, but Congratulations! =D lols.

[004] Insomiac.

yes, i'm insomiac. :D

I was browsing some sites in the internet, looking for interesting news about people, looking for old pictures of super junior and i found this:

credit as tagged. <3

Anyway, yes, it's Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong i believe, and this is one of the brilliant reasons why i want to go to Seoul, for you to know guys, the pic was taken outside of SM ent's building, ohohoho, yes their building is full of yummylicious guys hahahaha! The one on the left side, holding a Blackberry Phone is Donghae, they took a picture of the fans who's camping waiting for the boys. I think this is the mirror shot of this pic:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
credit: donghae861015

Donghae's so adorable for taking the pic, Super Junior does Love us ELFs. <3
13elive. :D

Goodnight Folks. :)

[003] Lies.


yes, Kyuhyun, I remember last year, when SJ-M guested on a show in Hunan, Happy Camp, it was mentioned there that Kyuhyun's worried about dancing because it's not his forte, but he does dance incredibly, in Super Junior's newest MV, Miinah (Bonamana) Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Donghae, Shindong, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk danced during the dance break, and i was like, whoa, Liar, =))

Anyway, Kyu never fails to amaze us ELFs right? Damn, he really didn't look
like a maknae in the MV, he's hot, sorry Eunhyuk but the Maknae brings the trophy tonight but don't worry i still love you, :D

[002] Fandoms.


No words can explain my happiness right now.

[001] New Blog.

yes, i've created a new blog, because of my sister.
anyway, i wish i'll be able to maintain this blog like
my other blog @ lj. =)

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